Our New Office & Factory

At Hon’s, our commitment to excellence extends to our manufacturing facilities, which play a pivotal role in bringing our culinary creations to life. In the heart of Vancouver, we operate multiple state-of-the-art facilities designed to meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

This year, we reached a significant milestone with the completion of our cutting-edge Richmond head office, which serves as our innovation hub, production center, and distribution facility. This modern marvel is not only a testament to our dedication to progress but also a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

In addition, our SQF certified federally licensed meat plant, strategically located on SE Marine Drive at Knight, allows us to extend our reach far beyond the beautiful province of British Columbia. This certification underlines our unwavering focus on safety and quality, enabling us to provide our exceptional food offerings to discerning palates across the nation. Discover more about our facilities, where innovation, quality, and tradition converge to create the extraordinary culinary treasures we are renowned for.