“Provide Quality Asian Comfort Food and Food Service in North America.”


Continuing the founder Mr. Hon Ip’s vision, we are committed to creating food that emotionally connects with this community, allowing Chinese immigrants who come to Canada to savor the taste of their homeland and alleviate their homesickness. After decades of evolution, we are no longer confined to the Chinese market. We are increasingly focused on innovative research and development of ready-to-eat food products, with the goal of entering major supermarkets across Canada, so that more immigrants from around the world can get to know Chinese cuisine and love our products.


Our mission at Hon’s is to spearhead innovation, transforming concepts into reality. We are enthusiastic about driving a shift in our organizational culture, evolving from a small ethnic company into a mainstream solution provider for some of the nation’s largest grocery retailers and food service establishments. Change lies at the core of Hon’s vision for the future, and we aspire to lead this transformation.

Our focus is centered on becoming a pioneer in the rapidly evolving Asian Food category, with a particular emphasis on introducing Asian Comfort Food to the North American market.

Over the past decade, Hon’s has experienced remarkable growth, quadrupling in size and establishing three new production facilities. Our trajectory continues upward, with plans for ongoing expansion that include investments in new facilities, advanced industrial production lines, and the introduction of new products tailored for the North American market.

Our ultimate goal is to significantly expand our market presence and achieve a prominent position in the industry within the next five years.

In the years ahead, Hon’s Wun-Tun House Ltd. will continue to serve the community with unwavering dedication and diligence, ensuring that the dream, philosophy, and legacy of an industrious immigrant to Canada live on in the new era of Hon’s Cuisine and Hospitality.