Hon Ip, the founder of Hon’s Wonton Noodle House

Hon Ip, left, the founder of Hon’s Wonton Noodle House, stands in front of his first restaurant, opened in 1972, on Main Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Mr. Hon stretching noodles in the traditional way.

Hon Ip opened the first Hon’s Wonton Noodle House on Main and Pender streets in 1972, when Chinatown was the hub of the city’s Chinese-Canadian community. For a while, it was the only place in Vancouver to get a steaming bowl of hand-made wonton noodles and potstickers.

Hon’s is synonymous with quality Asian Comfort Food. From our early roots in the 1970’s, our restaurant customers trusted the brand and demanded more – traditional Asian products that they could also take home and cook in the comforts of their homes. So, we have started producing and selling our own products to the retailers and distributors since 1974.

At that time, Mr. Ip had a vision to offer quality food with friendly service at a reasonable price, a philosophy that continues to inspire Hon’s to this day.

Over the years, thanks to the support of the community and Mr. Ip’s ingenuity, hard work, and innovations, Hon’s has grown into a food service enterprise with multiple restaurants and food processing facilities in three major cities on the West Coast of North America.


Today, instead of exclusively finding the famous Potstickers™ and other Hon’s favorites in a small Chinatown shop, you can purchase Hon’s products in most parts of Greater Vancouver.

In the years ahead, Hon’s Wun-Tun House Ltd. will continue to serve the community with unwavering dedication and diligence, ensuring that the dream, philosophy, and legacy of an industrious immigrant to Canada live on in the new era of Hon’s Cuisine and Hospitality.