No, our Rice noodles, Rice Rolls, Lai Fen (Rice Pasta), and Mi Xian are primarily made from rice flour, wheat and other starches. They do share some equipment with gluten-containing products but there are cleaning protocols in place.

No, none of our noodles use MSG.

Our Wonton filling doesn't have direct MSG addition. However, it's important to note that there could be naturally occurring glutamate from the flavouring, ingredients, and cooking process. Therefore, we do not claim to be MSG-free to provide full transparency regarding potential naturally occurring glutamate.

At Hon's, our commitment is to deliver the freshest Asian comfort noodles to our consumers. We manufacture our products every week, adhering to regulatory controls on preservatives. Combining with advanced packaging methods, we want to ensure our product delivers the best quality throughout its shelf-life.

Yes, the shrimp we source for our Shrimp Potstickers are Ocean Wise approved, aligning with our commitment to supporting sustainable seafood practices for the well-being of our oceans.

Certainly! We take pride in the fact that all our products are crafted right here in British Columbia, emphasizing our commitment to local manufacturing and quality.

We supply our noodles, seafood-based dim sums, plain bao buns, potstickers and sauces to other provinces in Canada. It's noteworthy that our potstickers with meat are produced in our federal facility situated in Vancouver. Over the past decade, we have successfully supplied retail stores and food services beyond BC through our distributors.

Presently, we provide a complimentary pack of dipping vinegar along with our Potsticker retail pack. However, we do not sell it separately in the market. Responding to the high demand and numerous inquiries, our team is actively engaged in the production of Potsticker Vinegar as a standalone retail product, slated to be available in the near future! Stay tuned for updates!

We've received numerous inquiries about our authentic black sesame paste, especially during Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, as we understand that it is a tradition for many families to cook sweet dumplings with their own recipes and enjoy some quality moments. Unfortunately, due to considerations of cost balance and market demand, we have decided to discontinue this item. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and sincerely hope our dedicated supporters can explore alternative options for their delightful culinary creations.